Tongkat Ali for red kidney yang, nourishing, adjust the body endocrine, enhance physical fitness, improve immunity, red tongkat ali original film soaked, boiled water, stew, sparkling wine is a very good choice! Huang Dongge Ali is most common, black tongkat ali is relatively scarce, and even red tongkat ali Tongkat Ali for mining Malays that the Turkish people are rarities. Red Tongkat Ali Tongkat Ali is all in the best effect, the effect and efficacy of tongkat ali over yellow and black, red tongkat ali aphrodisiac function should be in black and yellow power than Ali, but also a great tonic effect.

Just dig out the roots of tongkat ali red skin as red as blood, dried skin shrinkage, color tends to be pink, red Tongkat Ali Ginseng only a faint taste, is not bitter, and a bit sweet, clear and yellow, black Tongkat Ali has a different taste. Huang Dongge Ali is among the three most humble, Ye did not feature the black veins Ali obvious and growth morphology shares domineering, red Ali leaves of guava leaves are larger than a full double red Tongkat Ali in Malaysia to local, also known locally as ginseng, had this sensation in Malay, major newspapers and media coverage magical red Tongkat Ali, now has become the Malays of the Turkish people do not say the “secret.” Today, even the red Tongkat Ali in the Malaysian market are rare. Huang Dongge Ali used to increase testosterone in men, to protect male kidney, so that men in the process of doing men will feel the physical changes (such as gradually improving size, time). Red tongkat ali unchanged efficacy of both the former case, easy to produce impulsive, dosage and effect is indeed far more Huangdong Ge Ali. Yizhuqingtian to red to king of tongkat ali. Day to drink to feel energetic and have a great tonic effect.