Black tea is tea originates from plant known as Camelia sinensis assamica. . Tea plant variety was discovered in 1823 in the Assam region of India. Originating in the Assam district of India, it grows in warm, moist climate. Black tea become quickly popular and exports to England since India was a British colony. This traditional tea that is renowned for its health benefits properties since ancient times. It also has been scientifically proven scientifically.
Camelia sinensis assamica helps:

  • Contains antioxidant, help to prevent damaged caused by the free radicals.
  • Have antibacterial properties that helps to protect the body from harmful
    bacteria such as E.coli.
  • ¬†Helps to treat mild bacteria-driven conditions like acne.
  • Reduce redness, swelling and other irritation as it have anti-inflammatory properties. It also helps to soothe pain caused by inflammatory conditions like arthritis.
  • Help to protect skin from photo aging or signs of aging caused by sun
  • Helps to breakdown and eliminate body toxins. It also include toxins known to contribute to weight gain.
  • Enchance digestions system and soothe stomach ailments. The tea
    properties helps to balance bacteria in the stomach and intestine.
  • May help ease symptoms of metabolic syndrome
  • Promote bone health as it lower risk of osteoporosis fractures.
  • Improve the sleep quality and reduce stress.