Manjakani or ots scientific name Quercus Infectoria is a plant or tree that also has
another name such as Oak Tree, Oak Galls or Mecca Manjakani. For some countries
like China, Arab, India, Malaysia, Brunei and Iran is used as herbal ingredients.
Manjakani is known to have many benefits to the of women’s intimate organ as well.
The functions to treat fungus and act as a natural ingredients to make the female
intimate organs become more elastic has made Manjakani popular as to address
various illness of women. This traditional herbs contains vitamin A, vitamin C, iron,
protein,fibre, carbohydrates, calcium, antioxidants ,tannic acid and tannin in its fruits.
Quercus Infectoria helps :

Maintaining the health of women’s intimate organs. Manjakani contents useful
to the women’s organs as it helps overcoming excessive fluid, kill the bacteria
and fungi.

  •  Increase the elasticity of vaginal muscle area
  •  Tighten the membrane and the vaginal walls
  •  Overcoming dryness of miss V
  • Goods in treating cysts disease.
  •  Have anti -inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti- microbial properties.