Ficus Deltoides also known as Mas Cotek. It is a small perennial herb, growing up to
about 2 m tall. The plant can naturally grow up to 2-3 m depending on the accessions
and its natural habitat. The leaf shape varies, either round, oblong or oval. The upper
leaf surface is green and shiny with golden spots. The lower surface is usually golden

in colour with characterised black spot between the veins. More than 40 accessions
have been identified and collected. Besides the leaf, the accessions also differ in fruit
shape, size and colour, growth habits and resistance to pests and diseases.

The leaves are usually used in post natal treatments. It is also used to treat
gynaecological problems such as the problems of discharge and menstrual cycle.
Some women drink ‘mas cotek’ tea as a health tonic to maintain youthful look and
vigour. Some traditional healers also believe that the herb can prevent and cure
ailments like pneumonia, fever, headache, diabetes, hypertension, heart problems
and diarrhoea